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Body Prison

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We all running the race in this body of prison.

Blowing up buildings won’t do any justice. Wild is plucked from war torn land. Searching to find peace in the land of boiling pot that perceive one as terrorist.

Welp, what’s wrong with me? I’m neither black nor white. What race am I that caused me in this genetic defect I’m in? What sin that led me become the testimony of collective confusion?

I don’t know what’s wrong. Am I to blame for the past sins for either of my ancestors? Something is precious, stolen and tampered to forge split identity.

Grew up from environmental factors that I’m allergic to. Oh I mean ill to the circumstances where I’m not immune to. Better to fast with fruits and vegetables.

Don’t want to be told and sell short by idiots. Authorities tell me what to do even the fake whom are not to be entrusted to the feminine energy. Heck, I don’t know who to trust.

It’s deeper than where its actually at to uphold the gifts of war and unleash when the time to kiss the dragon. Who’s the Master? Several wishes shall be granted.

Demonized for being the harbinger of the mark that align with the universal frequencies that spoke the living word of matter to existence.

Ashamed to see why I cover under the sheets of dirt and cower among the shadows that appeal to the pleasure principle. Full of guilt trips to swallow the pain away because happiness is fleeting.

Some say it’s a birthmark or another side of universe pouring out stardust in the speed of light. It’s nothing but art in the body prison.