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Fast to reverse the natural sickness. Pharm-acy is for the wicked!

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I am different and it has cost me many. But I’m always My-Self. It’s better to lose others rather than to fit in which is a righteous pride to walk therein.

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The mind is terrible thing to waste but yet is all powerful. That is the hidden truth! No wonder why this chaotic world smash positive and negatives with each other like unknown particles of the unseen space. The negativity can be contagious to the mind and attract profanity and violence like a gun and spear. Better yet to battle cry your way through by any means to be positive, persistent and acknowledge your own existence!

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A dark night of the soul arises from the ashes to the healing of Phoenix. Self affirm and be transformed by renewing the mind in repentance with understanding of lies have been told and built upon to crush. A soul awakened with tweaked mind is nothing to be trifled with!

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Just Be Yourself 

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It is glorious to be yourself when God has made who you are and made no mistakes about who you are than you think it. As you go thru life and walk among, you notice what you can and can’t do. Some how what you can’t do isn’t beneficial enough. Worry about you and figure out what his plan to have you in his kingdom which starts in the mind. Meanwhile it take so long when the mass of ignorance doesn’t become beneficiaries but enemies to your mind and soul as you battle your breakthrough. It’s glorious to be yourself as the butterflies came out of its cocoon one by one, day by day. You cannot change to fit the desires of others view about you. It’s what they want to feel otherwise. However you can transform their mindset about you as if it were butterflies swarming all of its beauty without savagery. You just be still and imagine what situations could benefit. There are qualities yet to be discovered as you be still and observe what you are and what you could get meanwhile others could wish to have the qualities you had, but yet wishing you could have theirs while you think you can’t do which was counterproductive all along.

Throwback Thursday

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Virgo Amethyst is back at it again to compose this song performed by Usher, U Remind Me. This is a soulful wreaking song, strumming the chords of your spirit. Steve Harvey would be very proud as I listen to this song day by day to heighten good spirits up. This definitely the one of the best classic, all time favorite! Whew, Usher is the Ladies’ Man for real! More songs to come!


Roar of Love Powar

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Have you ever noticed in your lifetime when drunk in power? I have, but that not a great thing. Since you have nothing, you seek and seek, but yet nothing to fill the void of emptiness. It’s not working as something or someone in particular come and go. It’s mundane, fad and temporary. Yet you try hard to put pieces back together, and it falls apart once again, attempting to control and owning someone else’s life, attention and possessions because it’s not your right. The only right you could have to control is the gem of self mastery as you ignite the void in love and then you know compassion and peace without any concerns and fear as others may bask in your glow. That’s your true power that will never fades. Welcome aboard to Soul Train Express. Break along and dance fiercely in the vortex rail of the universe as you elevate to higher dimensions!

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.-Psalm 46:10