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Check your Natural System

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Did you know you are what you eat? Pushing the awareness that nasty buildups in the intestines makes one ill and dull toward in every aspects of life. Do good and regenerate the intestines to renew the mind in the form of repentance to spew positive abundance and affirmations in life. Did you know that bad intestines cause the disturbance towards the face that make seem one is old and ugly in the ripe of young age and the condition of intestines is what you put out? I’m no doctor Seba but this indeed the truth.

When you judge others, you do not define them. You define yourself

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-Earl Nightingale

This quote has me thinking a lot about how someone like myself had lost some of the ability to judge back to retain that alpha status. Depending on the background of how we were raised, we were taught to learn to spare others feelings. Otherwise they won’t like or even respect us. Some go with the punches simply showing strong inner self in other words of my people used to say you gotta have a thick skin and you cannot control what others perceive you. With that being said, batters up with word of what you think of them to build inner strength. That not being a narc or an asshole in my opinion but to others, yes. It’s simply that you’re a warrior in the making where life can easily chew and spit you out and you have the ability to fight back. The streets don’t love you. Corporate world doesn’t either. They are looking for someone strong to depend on and lead this savage life in the way to survive. Think of Donald Trump for an example as our asshole president with all the luxury of life we yearn for. As you judge others of what you think, you put yourself at ease when in reality you are actually helping the person self esteem by letting them know like it is even it hurts deeply. For example of judging in the wake of self esteem, The world doesn’t love the lukewarms. Then we wouldn’t be lukewarms anymore as the fire lit our souls not to be that way anymore because that kind of weak personality won’t do us any service!

Fast to reverse the natural sickness. Pharm-acy is for the wicked!

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Knowledge is power when you know nothing but being in the moment.

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What’s your journey?

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Tapping of the Source 

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Here’s the thing that can and will work for the most including myself. There is knowledge where to tap that unlimitedness of infinite potential. Notice the ten in potential when it’s simply perfect. Knowing that perfection is in our being. We ask for strength to endure, strive, conquer, conflict and resolve. It all starts with you including myself. At first everything seems like a failure in every moment and amount to nothing with self loathing to depression. We don’t know how or even to understand we are the black sheeps in the society full of the proud and haughty spirits that adopt the traits of not caring of what happens to people of persons in suffering. Then they go on assuming for the best with selfish desires and vain luxuries of comfort! We sit and wade in self pity without confidence and don’t know the brighter side of the fence or the light of the tunnel you may say that is seemingly too long to reach. You see the homeless and the unfortunate by saying that’s what they deserve without offering assistance. Yet the burden seem overwhelming to be left alone. The darkness is undeniably unquenchable with its strongholds that wrap its chains in the chords of spirit. The fun, exciting part which is challenging is you, we and I can overcome, tapping the source of enegry within ourselves to make the walls of strongholds in spirit crumble. Then yet it will fear and wonder the brightness of its glory. How, you may say? The positive affirmations are to be used in the mind and then infect the goodness on the dark like syringe as it showily move itself away and knowing you, we and I are ready and equipped to embrace the glory, repetitive bells of freedom. The source sprays like water hose, shower like waterfalls and shine like sunrays ever so available and around about as we stand with the dark strongholds gripping ever so tightly. It dissolves when we repent, starting from the scratch in mind and applying positive affirmations like open sesame. 

Love can not die a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings. -Anaïs Nin

Say we don’t know! That is the problem. Love is there, the source which seem unattainable to reach and that is why we believe so hardly that we can tap the source. The more we can’t, the unbelievable it becomes. Impatience makes it well forgotten and it is just a star above our heads. It doesn’t happen overnight when you, we and I speak positive affirmations to existence, practically and gradually! 

Keep It Pushing 

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Persistence my friends! You have to keep going when all is hopeless. Change your thoughts to optimistic. There’s no time to be pessimistic because it will slow you down, being the unbeliever. If you believe, anything is possible but don’t give up! There would be times it’s mentally challenging to cause you almost raising the white flag. Come on now you’re a lot more stronger than you think and stronger than what anybody else think. You’re close to the goldmine with diamonds but if you turn back now, you’re missing the inch near to it. Most lost the opportunities, getting most things to them overwhelmed but don’t let that be you as you put your mind beyond the goal then what you’re reaching for is already has been acquired and set as you progress while you never thought you had it. Don’t put too much thought into a goal as your mind goes blank while you putting the effort!

The Magical of Profanity 

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Don’t we all like to swear a lot to ourselves and in front of anyone? I was raised in the household where I could often hear swear words that would infect my life. I was taught that it was disrespectful which leads me to tell you it’s something about the swear words we use. They are all over the place in the world used by young and old as we know. Then get scolded for using them to repress ourselves. This results to the rise of betas. Whoever invented swear words have made it sound naturally to express confidence and the fighting spirit toward any circumstances. It has an attraction and chemistry feel to it. Steve Jobs, a once known billionaire for inventing apple products and computers that we use to today, is known for using swear words often in the workplace to get through the day.

I’m saying the swear words we use may have a magical effect and are the keywords to the door of success.

I’m not saying you should use them all the time and everyday. It should be used only when, where and how to express that fighting spirit to get your way through. I, myself, often use swear words mentally under breath to get through the day and actually help to relieve stress whether it be a hobby of sport or working something important with a sense of urgency. It’s something that will never go away in the likes of any word that is degrading with history behind it. Do you want places to be nice and less challenging without any excitement? Well we can embrace swear words less as possible to deal with sensitivity of others. It may work to help one another to cure oneself and be a better, alpha person just to move forward, mature and adapt that all swear words are just words even if it to get us! Be cool now! It’s only when, where and how to use it for certain situations away from a place of respect!

In the Pursuit of Excellence

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In the pursuit of excellence you may say in the abstract form of happiness. Could be a special person whom you are genuine with among other connections or a special job advancement. But there is this emotional thing when you are totally back pedaling. You are a rock in a cold place resorting to square one as this thing we call 

Just to check your alignment. Being idle minded. Resorting to manual labor that doesn’t stimulate your intellect. Days get boring by wear and tear, and happen to be in undesired conditions among the likeness of bum, spiteful individuals, but you know better not to to mess around when you are close to the edge with someone who thinks can eff over you.   

This is the subject of fear because it is something that we all share and bring it to light as we are watchful of the circumstances. It doesn’t have to be terrifiying but could be minimum fear which can be another word for anxiety or ODD, mentally sick kind of fear that becomes your arsenal. Just run with me here.

I’m saying that only way is through.

Gesturing with my arm and index finger pointing straight, winners keep going no matter what because the best situations arise from unlikely situations. This calls for getting experienced much as you can for someone or some place else when you know what to say or do in order to advance.

Fear is courage to continue that counts. You must continue. It doesn’t matter what these choices are in acronym. It’s actually right. The first choice is just to chill down the mind a little bit as you block everything while achieving a goal, and then alternately be boss about your business! That’s all it takes. It all depends on situations as you adapt. Be a lion in a dynamic environment whether it be in a work suit or in an athletic apparel.

“Perfectionism is very addictive because it is very seductive. It’s so great to think ‘There’s a way I can do things where I can never be held in judgment by other people, that I can totally escape criticism.’ But it doesn’t work.” -Brené Brown 

Hell with they think! I got a quite story of my own. You see the picture below is worth thousands of words. I’m like this at work environment with the likeness of ignorants.

I’m out there putting in work and making noise when they are watching and learning my approach to enlightenment. They are mostly in groups with their slick talk and backsliding my downfall. Yet they laugh and wonder all day long of my mystical appeal. I’m like this….

In spite of low level people and conditions, that’s how you become the predator of the prey in the pursuit of excellence by letting them second guess as you carry on!

Death of Negativity pt 2

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The mind is just like the computer plugged to the matrix. Did you know that the movie, the Matrix, was writtten by a black woman? Just to put out there because the most exciting things come from a black woman that is in secret which we may all not know since they are part the co creation of us, nothing more or nothing less. All things start with the mind, and you must re-evaluate, re-consider, re-pent, and re-heal. If you don’t know how to use it, you simply malfunction just like a computer with all kinds of viruses and systems crashes. The creator from the above is a finished user, experimenter and a teacher quiet during the test beholding his wonderius works that take time and at least forever for his plans to unfold. Can’t be simply all at once. Taking one day at a time adding negativity and substracting out of the universal equation. It starts with the mind as you are self aware than a computer isn’t. Then later the computer will be artificially self aware. You can say God is ahead most of us in through of us all. Each one of us is unquestionably unique and cannot be just simply figured out. Let’s say it’s already there in concrete term of a tree. You put that in your mind by seeding something great as you go about your way.

All the time you speak to yourself and towards others determine your reality, you could be either a broken tree or a boundless tree.

A broken tree can be a personal ax to grind.

It either can be when you can’t water yourself in the meaning of self care by showering good thoughts about self and others. Don’t be that ignorant, broken tree when it has roots and seeds hidden in your own plains of reality.