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Just do good for your conscience

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Black Snake Moan

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I turned on Netflix to watch a movie out of boredom and something came across my mind when this title of Black Snake Moan appeared on the front of the smart tv screen. Behold was the movie called Black Snake Moan, created in 2007. I have been wanting to watch it because of Samuel Jackson was known to be a bad MFing actor no different than Denzel Washington. I finally had the chance to. Along with the Shaft where he used to role in, Black Snake Moan has captured my interest with twisted props in the movie. I mean the setting was in the south where I live in, not to far from the culture where I’m aware of and usually participate in zydeco and blues. This movie shows just that because of the deep roots of my nature. I can be a bad MFer to the bone with gold shugs in the mouth, pimping and slanging foul accent. Also, Christina Ricci was fantastic, sizzling hot in the movie. I used to idolize Wednesday in Addams Family, a dark and serious personality that link close to mine. Just great combo of Samuel and Ricci in my favorites! Based on the movie reviews, I don’t see an immense success because there was racial tension that blacks are envied because of they are true originators of soul and likely to get white women, ya know. You can get the understanding of a black man in the like of Samuel Jackson known as Stagger Lee in the movie with gold shugs in the south isn’t seem bad as what blacks are portrayed to be, a-no-good-low-life-having-trouble-maker-civilians. Stagger Lee was a good civilian living quietly in the backwoods of his home after the break up of a long relationship with his black wife of his similar nature. The wife was bored of his ways and cheated on him. Somehow the relationship went wrong when someone of his family close to him stole and defiled who is precious to him. That’s when Ricci in the role of wandering harlot around town came cross coping with her sickness of sleeping around as her boyfriend was gone to the army. The only way she could be faithful with her sickness is to be with him into battling her harlot ways by bringing out her true feminine nature of nurturing her boyfriend, Ronnie, who has a severe anxiety problem. While the boyfriend was gone to the army, Ricci was busy being the harlot, got beaten badly in the face and left in the deep country road to be found by Stagger Lee and carried into his house.

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By his loneliness through the breakup, thought he would nurture her back to health just being a good civilian. That’s when he knew there was a devilish presence around her. It was so funny when he ran out the house with the bible in his hand then later tied her up in chains! The moral of this movie is you have to go through with your life no matter what life throws at you, good or bad. As you sense the bad, don’t just flee from it unless is not too big to bear. However, you do good to others and you will reap greater good after the battle. That’s what Stagger Lee did in the movie by coping and battling his way through with blues, the music of the soul by a trusty harmless weapon, a guitar. You could get the idea of BB king and Louis Armstrong reflected from him. Black snake all in my room sung in the scene show that there is sin prevalent in heart, you can’t just simply get rid of it but just to be friends to it or either tame it for a better outcome.


You could get tempted by sin and easily get astray by it. That’s not easy in the midst of the testing storm. You can either be perished by sin or live with self-perseverance and discipline under Gods umbrella. It’s the matter of deeds. That’s a reason for sin to exist. Nothing bad about sin unless you keep your distance and think you can deal with inner demons by acknowledging and feeling God’s presence in the midst of sin. I don’t look deeply into sin and condemn as bad. I see God’s blueprint of recruiting of saints as gold tried in the fire. Sin and temptation are God’s instrument of discipline and self-perseverance.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

What happens if Stagger Lee fell into Ricci charms of seduction to get him stumble in her harlot ways? He wouldn’t be rewarded a virtuous wife he was yearning for at the end of the movie, another sweet, caring black woman who work in the pharmacy. He prevailed through temptation and played his blues, black snake all in my room, while Rucci was locked upon his knee to battle the spiritual demon got hold upon them whose sole purpose to perish them. Talk about a victorious battle of blues and awe-inspiring realness!

Samuel L. Jackson – Black Snake Moan from sezer aslan on Vimeo.

Shaka Zulu Pinkney

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tumblr_mwzgawfwtp1qzmh88o1_500One day out of boredom after long day of horse playing in verbal and action, I ended up watching Shaka Zulu on television acted out by Henry Cele. He did a good job displaying the idea of the character. That character was totally a bad to the bone and sparked my curiosity. Inspired by this regal black figure of majestic to this day, I wonder how could he have been if I’m under his rule. I know that blacks today are full of ignorance and unable to coexist well within their own race which I’m part of and needlessly to be proud of. Ignorance in their part is terrible to the point where I disown them as an uncivilized race. I’m at this age of not caring what’s going on as the black lives matter move long in the brink of Donald Trump presidency as he is known for his bigotry and fear tactics, fueling the fire of racism once again. I doubt it is going to be alright as I prepare for what is to come. May it be living in the wilderness when the war of a great multitudes make its way with nukes or a coming civil war. I. Just. Don’t. Know! Just because I have noticed the groups in a cult like manner alongside the streets all over the parts of the country with words of preaching the scriptures that America’s destruction is at hand. It is been said since Bush and Obama administration which led me to get the popcorn ready for what’s to come and not be quick to believe. I’m that observant in among the hostility of races with their sensitivity behind the right and wrongs of history etched on pages and in mind. I have no desire to take sides but to watch in my sore pleasure. Anywho back to Shaka Zulu, he was known for his overthrowing the British long enough before the British laid him down. How he was known for? He was known for gruesome tactics of war with nothing but raw, primal strikes of spears that were short enough to strike in close combat by agile and quickness. The British was using nothing but guns and cannons with the disadvantage of taking time to reload and fight back. How awesome was that?


It is funny not too long ago in the mid of 2012, Tarrus Riley, the Jamaican reggae artist, came up with the song that striked the chords of spirit to take heed the calling of an ancient, warrior spirit known as Shaka Zulu. I am no fool. There is no way to take upon anything without reason since I have no one behind me to have something to fight about.

The warrior code is and always been having selflessly to protect and not in the stake of killing and fighting for fun or just destroy nothing out of bitterness and anger. Meanwhile I am my own worst enemy! I do have pent-up anger as Shaka did have from the bastardness and insulting of character by peers. It takes self control, temperament and forgiveness to put pent up anger in a constructive way. All that together begin the pride of humility. In comparison of myself and Shaka’s, he deployed tactics that made his army exceedingly great by running across the savannah plains in a blistering heat on bare feet, moving bolder of rocks by the streams in the form of exercising, and strategizing effective quick ways to achieve a goal, fearlessly and stealthly. I am just merely a one man army, doing push ups and running every chance I get to exercise just to stay shape for every chance I could get.

Here’s the thing which is cool. Since we are accustomed to religion and the fear of the you-know-who sending us to a horrible pit of no return and get sizzled like bacon bits,


Very well said as I applaud that. It is known that during their tribal ritual that come in the form of dance by stomping to express their fearsome spirit, they usually put sticks of fire in their mouth and spit fire along with sounds of drums!


Throwback Thursday

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Virgo Amethyst is back at it again to compose this song performed by Usher, U Remind Me. This is a soulful wreaking song, strumming the chords of your spirit. Steve Harvey would be very proud as I listen to this song day by day to heighten good spirits up. This definitely the one of the best classic, all time favorite! Whew, Usher is the Ladies’ Man for real! More songs to come!