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Reconnect to Earth

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I been know that we, human beings, are responsible of the planet as we are not right now. We have been domesticated by technology that make our lives easier and ever more lazier. Have we noticed that the laziness come from the lack of energy from disconnecting ourselves from the source? The source that I’m talking about is planet earth with all its elements of nature and the knowledge of applying by touch, feeling and understanding nature. Currently we are at our lower selves which is our carnal desires along with one of evils called sloth. Sloth is one of the laziest sin that make us forget the source that is really important to our sanity and health. We go to work under the illusion that it’s right way. We must fight our lower selves and bring it to the spiritual plane where’s it’s free of materialism and the idea to work for unattainable ones. Then we get lazy and procrastinate because we have to work. It should not be the case because there are beings responsible for the destruction and disconnection of this planet in a way to manipulate our suffereings. This planet is an intelligent being as one in a whole while we are the collective consciousness that is negative. Apparently our common sense and consciousness is nothing good to begin with. In order to re-connect ourselves back to the planet, we must do the opposite and go back to the old ways of living to place our soles in some elements such as water and earth to mediate. Then we can find our true home within ourselves in heaven. Heaven is a place that starts from within as we know it from our collective conscious! We can change the misconception of laziness to the door of mediating in peace without having to work for it. Yea some of us might think we need to work make our clothes and use our brains to build a primitive technology. Thats how we started because we relied on our selves without the spirit and being banned from our God-sense when the original sin kicked in. However it’s something that we have to fight for and figure our way back to depend on the right things to evolve effectively. We are nothing without spirit with the nature. Right now we are relying the nature to survive with our brains but not the spirit. Get my drift? We are more than beings. We could hover in the air, fly to places that we couldn’t travel without harming the nature, develop some clairvoyance to telephone without harmful sound waves disrupting how we feel and sense things and so forth.

Crystals, Oh my!

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Brought me crystals and and a pouch from the Gypsy Market. This tell you I’m a such a earthy creature with knowledge of groundly crystals that assist path to enlightenment. It’s not terrifying really when you deveop the awareness of what these can do for your mind and spirit in so mystical ways. I cannot tell you how it works. These precious stones of groundly wealth that match bar to none when ignorance is onto the wrong things, placing in dire, unhealthy situations. I’ll be the one that’s smiling because it’s good as what it gets!

And they shall wander from sea to sea, from north and even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.” -Amos 8:12


There are ways to mediate along with crystals as I can show you how it works wonderfully. You place each one of them around you in a circular fashion. Sit, observe and gradually close eyes to nothing but the darkness as you speak mindfully and well wishing. It’s a great thing when no one can tell you how it works but you. Also when done with the crystals, put them in a sack as you go everywhere and knowing you had these crystals either for protecting, attracting or acquiring forture. To clean crystals, may you place these either around to a flower, tree or any herbs you growing to ingest. It’s none of my business when it does amplify oh so strongly as you elevate! May it be healing, some super power to dream a good dream or keep others guessing. Namasté and Happy Manifestion!

True Meaning of Knowledge 

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Knowledge is just not what you know and then spead a message. It is not that you’re Mr. and Mrs. Know It All as you sponge up the information and then say you’re smart. Or others say that you’re smart. When I was growing up, I didn’t have the interest in acing school with high grades. My interest was get out of the building and engage properly. I always felt that I was trapped and suppressed. Then go by my way to get education just because that’s the way it is. I was forced to follow that value. Somehow I noticed that all people are unique to each and every one their own. Some belong to the class of highly intelligent meanwhile some fall into the category of highly emotional. I can say it can be many things than just be highly intelligent or emotional. It could be both or different than just be highly intelligent or emotional. Those who fall in the intelligent are natural sponge and can be easily brainwashed to be used for the purposes to build and do anything with the society like a lawyer, surgeon or in some sort of best desired position that is needed. Emotional ones know and can work with one’s feeling, becoming social and psych workers. Anyway, It is amazing of what astrology can explain for certain people. I myself is a Virgo, highly observant and an analyzer of things, with a moon sign of a Leo, a rebellious leader of prides. They always tell me I’m smart when I don’t really believe in the misconception of being smart. I just do my thing and get out of that god forshaken building. Maybe it could be intuition or instinctual in my part. Then I engage myself in thirst of observing everything in my path.

What is wrong could be the building where we get knowledge under and from interfere and block nature.

Not exposing to the sunlight to soothe the senses to receive knowledge. Not placing our soles to lay the ground enough to enjoy knowledge. Now you see college students acting fully, vibrant adults, laying on the grass and leaning on trees to receive knowledge from professors. You see what I mean? It should be like that for all ages of education in transition to college. We would be more fully functional, cohesive unit under a greenhouse. Knowledge is not something you know! It is the person, a tree of knowledge that brings it all around and about. Otherwise focusing on others information and knowledge by blindly following it is idoitic. Don’t know how to intelligently debate it out to automatically become the trees of solution instead of the problem. It is disorderly and chaotic from there. Get my drift?