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Fast to reverse the natural sickness. Pharm-acy is for the wicked!

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Reconnect to Earth

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I been know that we, human beings, are responsible of the planet as we are not right now. We have been domesticated by technology that make our lives easier and ever more lazier. Have we noticed that the laziness come from the lack of energy from disconnecting ourselves from the source? The source that I’m talking about is planet earth with all its elements of nature and the knowledge of applying by touch, feeling and understanding nature. Currently we are at our lower selves which is our carnal desires along with one of evils called sloth. Sloth is one of the laziest sin that make us forget the source that is really important to our sanity and health. We go to work under the illusion that it’s right way. We must fight our lower selves and bring it to the spiritual plane where’s it’s free of materialism and the idea to work for unattainable ones. Then we get lazy and procrastinate because we have to work. It should not be the case because there are beings responsible for the destruction and disconnection of this planet in a way to manipulate our suffereings. This planet is an intelligent being as one in a whole while we are the collective consciousness that is negative. Apparently our common sense and consciousness is nothing good to begin with. In order to re-connect ourselves back to the planet, we must do the opposite and go back to the old ways of living to place our soles in some elements such as water and earth to mediate. Then we can find our true home within ourselves in heaven. Heaven is a place that starts from within as we know it from our collective conscious! We can change the misconception of laziness to the door of mediating in peace without having to work for it. Yea some of us might think we need to work make our clothes and use our brains to build a primitive technology. Thats how we started because we relied on our selves without the spirit and being banned from our God-sense when the original sin kicked in. However it’s something that we have to fight for and figure our way back to depend on the right things to evolve effectively. We are nothing without spirit with the nature. Right now we are relying the nature to survive with our brains but not the spirit. Get my drift? We are more than beings. We could hover in the air, fly to places that we couldn’t travel without harming the nature, develop some clairvoyance to telephone without harmful sound waves disrupting how we feel and sense things and so forth.

The Art of Repentance

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You have to renew your mind if you find your self thinking the old ways. The old ways of thinking will lead you to astray and miss out what’s in the moment right before your face. Take a look at the mirror and remind of your worth of having to change. It could be habits or behaviors that infect the mind to act with the body. Or be addicted to something or someone toxic in particular. Nobody in the world is responsible but you! Which leads to blame on others because of your setbacks or not able to measure yourself among others in the society.

The root of sufferings is attachment which feast upon materialism that give you guilty conscience and pleasure.

Luxuries of the rich displaying through social media and television is what causes the problem of suffering to the audience who idolize and adore them. Only that would defeat the root of sufferings is to fast your way out of other lives that have luxuries. Worry about what you currently have because the best doctors are from nature which consists of water you drink to hydrate yourself repeatedly to give you sound mind and body, the air you breathe to give you oxygen and assist your breathing in the purpose of meditation, the right food grown from the ground and last, trees, land and animals to remind you of the present. Focus on these. Therefore being present is the best gift you could ever get in the art of repentance as you shed the snakeskin of your mind. Wonder why snakes are the sign of renewal, healing and prosperity! Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Most importantly, be you!