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The mind is terrible thing to waste but yet is all powerful. That is the hidden truth! No wonder why this chaotic world smash positive and negatives with each other like unknown particles of the unseen space. The negativity can be contagious to the mind and attract profanity and violence like a gun and spear. Better yet to battle cry your way through by any means to be positive, persistent and acknowledge your own existence!

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Shaka Zulu Pinkney

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tumblr_mwzgawfwtp1qzmh88o1_500One day out of boredom after long day of horse playing in verbal and action, I ended up watching Shaka Zulu on television acted out by Henry Cele. He did a good job displaying the idea of the character. That character was totally a bad to the bone and sparked my curiosity. Inspired by this regal black figure of majestic to this day, I wonder how could he have been if I’m under his rule. I know that blacks today are full of ignorance and unable to coexist well within their own race which I’m part of and needlessly to be proud of. Ignorance in their part is terrible to the point where I disown them as an uncivilized race. I’m at this age of not caring what’s going on as the black lives matter move long in the brink of Donald Trump presidency as he is known for his bigotry and fear tactics, fueling the fire of racism once again. I doubt it is going to be alright as I prepare for what is to come. May it be living in the wilderness when the war of a great multitudes make its way with nukes or a coming civil war. I. Just. Don’t. Know! Just because I have noticed the groups in a cult like manner alongside the streets all over the parts of the country with words of preaching the scriptures that America’s destruction is at hand. It is been said since Bush and Obama administration which led me to get the popcorn ready for what’s to come and not be quick to believe. I’m that observant in among the hostility of races with their sensitivity behind the right and wrongs of history etched on pages and in mind. I have no desire to take sides but to watch in my sore pleasure. Anywho back to Shaka Zulu, he was known for his overthrowing the British long enough before the British laid him down. How he was known for? He was known for gruesome tactics of war with nothing but raw, primal strikes of spears that were short enough to strike in close combat by agile and quickness. The British was using nothing but guns and cannons with the disadvantage of taking time to reload and fight back. How awesome was that?


It is funny not too long ago in the mid of 2012, Tarrus Riley, the Jamaican reggae artist, came up with the song that striked the chords of spirit to take heed the calling of an ancient, warrior spirit known as Shaka Zulu. I am no fool. There is no way to take upon anything without reason since I have no one behind me to have something to fight about.

The warrior code is and always been having selflessly to protect and not in the stake of killing and fighting for fun or just destroy nothing out of bitterness and anger. Meanwhile I am my own worst enemy! I do have pent-up anger as Shaka did have from the bastardness and insulting of character by peers. It takes self control, temperament and forgiveness to put pent up anger in a constructive way. All that together begin the pride of humility. In comparison of myself and Shaka’s, he deployed tactics that made his army exceedingly great by running across the savannah plains in a blistering heat on bare feet, moving bolder of rocks by the streams in the form of exercising, and strategizing effective quick ways to achieve a goal, fearlessly and stealthly. I am just merely a one man army, doing push ups and running every chance I get to exercise just to stay shape for every chance I could get.

Here’s the thing which is cool. Since we are accustomed to religion and the fear of the you-know-who sending us to a horrible pit of no return and get sizzled like bacon bits,


Very well said as I applaud that. It is known that during their tribal ritual that come in the form of dance by stomping to express their fearsome spirit, they usually put sticks of fire in their mouth and spit fire along with sounds of drums!


Just Be Yourself 

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It is glorious to be yourself when God has made who you are and made no mistakes about who you are than you think it. As you go thru life and walk among, you notice what you can and can’t do. Some how what you can’t do isn’t beneficial enough. Worry about you and figure out what his plan to have you in his kingdom which starts in the mind. Meanwhile it take so long when the mass of ignorance doesn’t become beneficiaries but enemies to your mind and soul as you battle your breakthrough. It’s glorious to be yourself as the butterflies came out of its cocoon one by one, day by day. You cannot change to fit the desires of others view about you. It’s what they want to feel otherwise. However you can transform their mindset about you as if it were butterflies swarming all of its beauty without savagery. You just be still and imagine what situations could benefit. There are qualities yet to be discovered as you be still and observe what you are and what you could get meanwhile others could wish to have the qualities you had, but yet wishing you could have theirs while you think you can’t do which was counterproductive all along.

Keep It Pushing 

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Persistence my friends! You have to keep going when all is hopeless. Change your thoughts to optimistic. There’s no time to be pessimistic because it will slow you down, being the unbeliever. If you believe, anything is possible but don’t give up! There would be times it’s mentally challenging to cause you almost raising the white flag. Come on now you’re a lot more stronger than you think and stronger than what anybody else think. You’re close to the goldmine with diamonds but if you turn back now, you’re missing the inch near to it. Most lost the opportunities, getting most things to them overwhelmed but don’t let that be you as you put your mind beyond the goal then what you’re reaching for is already has been acquired and set as you progress while you never thought you had it. Don’t put too much thought into a goal as your mind goes blank while you putting the effort!

Lavender Clouds II

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“I am that every stroke of cracks on the glass. Waiting to break apart and scatter all over the place with my sharp edges. On nights like this, 
I will tell you to run.”-xehnx

That’s right says the Virgo Amethyst! Tell others to run because as all we are broken creatures no matter how small or big the damage is, we are gold filled in the cracks, beautifully and tragically made back together to fight back and walk among the savages once again and again!

“Please do not mistake sensitivity for weakness.” Anaïs Nin, In Favor of the Sensitive Man

Don’t we hate to be taken advantaged of? Somebody’s going to learn today! Because of how much tolerance we could take could be the sign of strength to endure!

“‘Broken people are rough around the edges. They are beautiful in the way that means something. Like the sun. It lights up the entire earth, but it’s burning inside.’
‘If I’m burning inside then you can’t touch me. I’ll hurt you.’

‘Think of me as a star. I burn bright too. And we can both be lights, burning, next to each other.’” Gracey Adeline

Be angry but don’t sin as the fire of our passion still remain to purify, we sting!

“I am that clumsy human, always loving, loving, loving. And loving. And never leaving.” -Frida Kahlo, The Diary Of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait 

We fall in and out to the ones that truly care and embrace vulnerability. Truth always hurt but don’t comfort with lies to sugarcoat. We need to be known then as we at times unable to see what’s been seen through within!

“By running away from the world no one can get peace. Anywhere you go the problems will go with you, because the problems are inside you and not outside. Outside is simply a projection of inside.” Baba Hari Dass

It’s really easy to take the blame game! But we are simply reflection of the problem, ignorant to the golden rule as we often get in return!

Crystals, Oh my!

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Brought me crystals and and a pouch from the Gypsy Market. This tell you I’m a such a earthy creature with knowledge of groundly crystals that assist path to enlightenment. It’s not terrifying really when you deveop the awareness of what these can do for your mind and spirit in so mystical ways. I cannot tell you how it works. These precious stones of groundly wealth that match bar to none when ignorance is onto the wrong things, placing in dire, unhealthy situations. I’ll be the one that’s smiling because it’s good as what it gets!

And they shall wander from sea to sea, from north and even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.” -Amos 8:12


There are ways to mediate along with crystals as I can show you how it works wonderfully. You place each one of them around you in a circular fashion. Sit, observe and gradually close eyes to nothing but the darkness as you speak mindfully and well wishing. It’s a great thing when no one can tell you how it works but you. Also when done with the crystals, put them in a sack as you go everywhere and knowing you had these crystals either for protecting, attracting or acquiring forture. To clean crystals, may you place these either around to a flower, tree or any herbs you growing to ingest. It’s none of my business when it does amplify oh so strongly as you elevate! May it be healing, some super power to dream a good dream or keep others guessing. Namasté and Happy Manifestion!

Paper Warrior

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When I’m bored out of my mind, I tend to have all kinds of thoughts that need to get loose or to be known. If I don’t, I get stressed out when someone doesn’t understand. I’m not quite as articulate and outspoken, but I sure get my points across in the form of self expression no matter if it’s a big misunderstanding. It’s part of life when everyone has their own mind about something and someone in particular just to develop. We all mentally in torment and aquire clear understanding with someone that pay attention and not to be ignorant. Somehow they aren’t ready to hear what you have to say because their emotional and mental battles that we know nothing of which leads to we have to work to make an understanding by finding common ground. It dulls the senses when you at some point in life are tired to make things straight about who you are and you need to be sharpen. This picture below tells a perfect discription of us. We aren’t actually that sharp in the mind to begin with. The mind has its story to tell. Apparently someone who doesn’t do anything to tell theirs are actually sharp and yet to be written. Could be procrastination? Could be sleeping too much? Mediation? God is the sharpener and great things happen as you write yours!