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Analysis of Peek My Room

Posted in writing-blogging with tags , , , , , , on 12/02/2016 by Alvin Pinkney

I bet some of you are enjoying yourself as you take a peek of what my life is all about. Y’all have minds of your own just as much I analyze and observe in mind. I’m not that naive and clueless like y’all would to believe just to build a case about me as you would do for or against others. I understand the mind but not all. I’m just in constant state of learning. It’s scary that knowledge is power when you don’t have to experience and pull down the veil of God’s blueprint about the dynamics of how everything and everyone work together in particular. I hate to brag on my part. I’m just writing and expressing. That is all.

Just write and form a thousands of opinions and acccumulate you’d like to believe and put it down. No one is right but you are individually right for your own good along with actions.

To brag on my part, I’ve made excellent grades in psychology and reminisced the professors were pointing their fingers at me, acknowledging the points I’ve made gave them a kickers and a light bulb pop upon their heads. When I wrote peek my room, it was simply giving you the idea in the attempt form of poetry that focus on the moment when you don’t have to think but just do it. Just do it slogan is just straight from the heart in spite of what others think about you. Otherwise to think and attempting a poetry sound like you’re trying. That’s a tricky part if you just try poetry. Another thing when I wrote peek my room. Y’all might build a case about me as much you know or think you know about others in closed walls. That’s when I gotcha! So I can take the ball thrown at me and hit the homerun!

Paper Warrior

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When I’m bored out of my mind, I tend to have all kinds of thoughts that need to get loose or to be known. If I don’t, I get stressed out when someone doesn’t understand. I’m not quite as articulate and outspoken, but I sure get my points across in the form of self expression no matter if it’s a big misunderstanding. It’s part of life when everyone has their own mind about something and someone in particular just to develop. We all mentally in torment and aquire clear understanding with someone that pay attention and not to be ignorant. Somehow they aren’t ready to hear what you have to say because their emotional and mental battles that we know nothing of which leads to we have to work to make an understanding by finding common ground. It dulls the senses when you at some point in life are tired to make things straight about who you are and you need to be sharpen. This picture below tells a perfect discription of us. We aren’t actually that sharp in the mind to begin with. The mind has its story to tell. Apparently someone who doesn’t do anything to tell theirs are actually sharp and yet to be written. Could be procrastination? Could be sleeping too much? Mediation? God is the sharpener and great things happen as you write yours!