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Libra Pink Moon

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So Virgo Amethyst is back still at it again with astronomical information. I don’t place my faith under the stars but it’s a worth a read when it has positive affirmations. Well what you should know about it? It’s pink up up there! It’s very well well unlikely indeed link to Syria bombing attacks and spiritual change everywhere in relationships. I myself didn’t realize this energy shift go with the pink moon that will come beginning on April 11 until May. Who knows? Little did I know that April is the beginning of seasons and renewal of all things. That’s why I like about it. Be the newer person. April month should be celebrated as new year anyway! So anyway in speaking of pink moon energy shift in Libra, my lunar sign is Leo and it’s perfect time to ensure order and justice among peers. So this is a journal entry that I shall continue.

At work, I’ve noticed one of my friend wanted to know me so bad. I’m assuming he’s just being a friend, playing games with me. First he caught up in a aguement with one of my distant cousin who is my fellow worker also. That guy was about to go off as if he was about to exchange fist with my fellow cousin. I had to go there to mediate the situation just because I’m curious and these two were close to me. If they were nobody I could relate to, I rather ignore and mind my business. That’s common sense of not sticking nose in ones business that possibly would either get mentally scarred or lose an eye. But I went up there soothe things out as they find me cool get along with and then later do work like supposed to without losing job in the process. I wanted everyone to be cool with each other. While things were winding down as if we get along as trees growing among other trees, I went each one individually and then either one told and look at me cool after they reconciled issues between themselves. End of journal entry.

That when pink moon in Libra came to mind. Could it be affecting my interactions with others? Libra is the Scale of Justice. Will some certain person be judged whose mind could either with or against me? In speaking of the individual who’s cool with me, could be playing games with me as if I’m a weak, enclosing details of myself as I’m trying to be a friend. That person could be packed with experience as others are attempting to know me when I’m a rarely a friendly person. Maybe heard the talks from others that was either negatively or positively told on me. So my friend is in the play because of that, a bold hearty move.  Now my lunar sign with this pink moon will play along and will be able to catch it. They shall be awestruck because I’m not that naive as I charge up my crystals tonight for major cleansing and mental strength to be unmoved by stupidity and to slice through BS like butter! 


Super Moon in Taurus 

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The night of November 13 to the midnight of November 14 which is the super moon in Taurus when I put my crystals in charge. If you have crystals and into the oocult, the mystical side of things when you shouldn’t have no need to understand because it’s mystical. If you’re skeptical, there’s no need to understand God’s works either. If you’re atheist, go with the program or not as if you can’t believe in the omnipresent. The teacher is quiet in the mist of the testing storm when you have the will to do what you can as your mind encourage to be adventurous upon something which brings me to wonder if the super moon in Taurus is the symbol of greed in the anicent days. The disobient and nonbelievers switch their belief of a golden bull or a cow in some sort of an idol. The omipresent don’t like any one of us to worship anything that’s standing like a mannequin without speaking and healing wonders. It’s an unlikely program of us to be led astray by any idol that is made by hand from upon our heads to acquire false blessings. Since we are spoiled and sell ourselves short in protesting Trump presidency, isn’t that the coincidence when the deceptive, strategizing Trump is a cash cow in the time of the super moon in Taurus to bring about change or destruction? 

Meanwhile I should say I don’t worship any idols whatsoever but the accumulation the blessings of the super moon as I charge my crystals as it wanes to end at midnight to the new dawn of seeing the natural but not seeing the desire of blessings in what’s really in richiness. The sun, the moon and the living mammal under this season of autumn is indeed without a price. Therefore I have to have what I want!

Crystals, Oh my!

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Brought me crystals and and a pouch from the Gypsy Market. This tell you I’m a such a earthy creature with knowledge of groundly crystals that assist path to enlightenment. It’s not terrifying really when you deveop the awareness of what these can do for your mind and spirit in so mystical ways. I cannot tell you how it works. These precious stones of groundly wealth that match bar to none when ignorance is onto the wrong things, placing in dire, unhealthy situations. I’ll be the one that’s smiling because it’s good as what it gets!

And they shall wander from sea to sea, from north and even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.” -Amos 8:12


There are ways to mediate along with crystals as I can show you how it works wonderfully. You place each one of them around you in a circular fashion. Sit, observe and gradually close eyes to nothing but the darkness as you speak mindfully and well wishing. It’s a great thing when no one can tell you how it works but you. Also when done with the crystals, put them in a sack as you go everywhere and knowing you had these crystals either for protecting, attracting or acquiring forture. To clean crystals, may you place these either around to a flower, tree or any herbs you growing to ingest. It’s none of my business when it does amplify oh so strongly as you elevate! May it be healing, some super power to dream a good dream or keep others guessing. Namasté and Happy Manifestion!