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Just do good for your conscience

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Colossal Urban Sin

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Colossal skyscrapers of sin in neon lights as Virgo Amethyst searched the city with wonder.

People going merrily on their business with some covert agenda under their skin.

It’s night through the windows. Actions are yet to appeal the pleasure principle.

None wouldn’t fast from doom. The show must go on as if the one had the last laugh too soon.

Knowledge is power when you know nothing but being in the moment.

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What’s your journey?

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I am different and it has cost me many. But I’m always My-Self. It’s better to lose others rather than to fit in which is a righteous pride to walk therein.

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Attitude of Passive Aggression 

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Resorting to passiveness aggressive behaviors can be problematic to a quite of few of introverts especially when you’re living in a rural town and happens to get a smart tv and smart phone to click on whatever you may finding interesting in this cold weather. Christmas is approaching. I come to this age of setting down, appealing to the wonders of technological world where to engage in and innovate. Don’t you click on with your smart tv that say 4K or 8k just to look at timelapsed landcapes or eager to hear something insteresting about conspiracy theories that Christmas is connected? Does Nimrod and unscrambling Santa come to your mind? That’s the beauty of knowledge when you feel comfortable and confident with yourself when nothing will hurt and avoid conflict. That’s peaceful to just share and be aware of all. In this time of the year Happy Holidays are all about, approaching to New Years of new beginnings and changing difficult habits and behaviors. Our bodies of inquiring minds are getting warmer and yearning for joy, warmth and peace. Looking at beloved families in pretense and believing in lies given to children for parental purposes if they misbehave. Oh you been naughty otherwise you won’t get squat for Christmas! I’m a grown man under the mistletoe in the lies taken for granted every Christmas that don’t concern me but in the ultimate, simplest form of happiness. Some take passive aggressive in a bad light when it defines missing out of its glory days when should be all the way through aggressive in everyday matters.

Everyone is different of different background and abilities, handicapped in some certain areas which is no excuse but to be born with that cannot change!

Some are acquired decievely a form of happiness through materialism when it should be a person instead of a thing which is the obvious reason. Resorting to passive aggressive behavior after failed repetitive daily tasks and goals of acquiring what’s right is good for you because you know what you want and can get what you what when the time is ripe. All that I’m telling you is the display of positive attitude when I do what I want and when I want even when the thought of time doesn’t wait and the biological clock is ticking. These thoughts bring depression and doubts to imprision the mind when you have all the attitude to cope with complexities of life that make us struggle and hard to find the precious treasure to hold forever and ever. And that is a true accomplishment when you have and don’t have anyway! Therefore you have the gift of attitude to muscled up the arms of the mind to pull through! Fuel the rage of passive aggression and rip the cage out of its sockets in mind!

Autumn Wear

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Switching gears to one fashion away from election of yesterday. I’m not the one to speak on politics. Yea, it’s our responsibility for our future with incoming generation that will pave the way in either be innovation or destruction by ignorance. Ultimately the choice is in our hands when it has infected the minds in either good or bad way that lead to the presidency of Donald Trump. My mind is far away from those who are with him or not as my heart is immune to any circumstances. I don’t either vote for one of them as I am the vote and the attitude, the nonconformist while the pawns have their way in this chess of we call life. My well thought out style moves me closer to fashion at heart where I find peace and confidence within myself. What more can I say? It’s the fall and totally wicked after 4 years and after the Halloween in start of the election. Funny and strange, isn’t it? 

I fell in love with this army plain green jacket that will go with my style if I find one to go with my khaki pant that I currently have in closet! Militant and combative as I can be. A one man marine with manliness of skill is the style to prep for what’s to come.

What’s up with that blue jacket to show the etiptomeness of cool when the chilly breeze hits during the fall. This is the one can be used interchangeably with khaki pant and even with slim fit light jeans!

Behold this cool model as he walk down the street showing confidence better than those who sag, and you see boxers and briefs hanging out from the pants. Ew! I’m not bashing any genres of fashion when it’s gangsta or in some punk type of wear showing rebellion of character.

I normally go for plain long sleeve like this one, but it show stripes to break out the colors of plain wear. I preferably like the plain to go with the black Darwin nikes that I currently have in closet, a running nikes that resonate my identity to just run and be casual at it!

Here we go again with this plain green army jacket once this fall breeze get chilly by any day! This style is 68 degrees of swagg with a hoody, and this calls for a coffee or some Caramel Mocha latte to hang low with friends and family!

When I really want to be tall, dark, mysterious and cool, it’s the definitely a style to wear as I’m into occult that’s nothing more to harm. Bad to the bone! Bad on the prowl! Bad as I grip when the sun sets and flip the bird!

At last, this crimson red long sleeve that can interchange with the all black Darwin nikes and khaki jean or white shoes to signify the blood and drunkness of wine as I lean back sober under the fall festivies’ mood, approaching to Christmas which I’m old enough not to partake but to enjoy the decoration of its mistletoe.