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Check your Natural System

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Did you know you are what you eat? Pushing the awareness that nasty buildups in the intestines makes one ill and dull toward in every aspects of life. Do good and regenerate the intestines to renew the mind in the form of repentance to spew positive abundance and affirmations in life. Did you know that bad intestines cause the disturbance towards the face that make seem one is old and ugly in the ripe of young age and the condition of intestines is what you put out? I’m no doctor Seba but this indeed the truth.

When you judge others, you do not define them. You define yourself

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-Earl Nightingale

This quote has me thinking a lot about how someone like myself had lost some of the ability to judge back to retain that alpha status. Depending on the background of how we were raised, we were taught to learn to spare others feelings. Otherwise they won’t like or even respect us. Some go with the punches simply showing strong inner self in other words of my people used to say you gotta have a thick skin and you cannot control what others perceive you. With that being said, batters up with word of what you think of them to build inner strength. That not being a narc or an asshole in my opinion but to others, yes. It’s simply that you’re a warrior in the making where life can easily chew and spit you out and you have the ability to fight back. The streets don’t love you. Corporate world doesn’t either. They are looking for someone strong to depend on and lead this savage life in the way to survive. Think of Donald Trump for an example as our asshole president with all the luxury of life we yearn for. As you judge others of what you think, you put yourself at ease when in reality you are actually helping the person self esteem by letting them know like it is even it hurts deeply. For example of judging in the wake of self esteem, The world doesn’t love the lukewarms. Then we wouldn’t be lukewarms anymore as the fire lit our souls not to be that way anymore because that kind of weak personality won’t do us any service!

Fast to reverse the natural sickness. Pharm-acy is for the wicked!

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What’s your journey?

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Death of Negativity 

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Ever find yourself thinking? “I’m going to be forever alone”. “No one likes me”. “I’m not good enough”. Just stop please. You’re doing a great disservice to yourself and natural selection. The mind can be a great manifestation or a terrible thing to waste. Then I’d say again in a different phrase. You’re self prohesizing to your own self prophesy. You are your own power and nobody can take that away from you. In the words of Steve Harvey as he is wise in metaphorical sense, you see people flying and doing what they want or need to do to be successful.

You have to jump.

It’s just like facing your fears and anxiety through it all whether it is people talking, laughing or doing something against you if you think they have any intent to harm your character. It’s none of your business to think that way as long you walk in your own path. It take time to rub off the circumstances to your own desired outcome just to feel better. As for me, I’d like to say I run in my own path, and they, so called friends and co workers, don’t like my style and the vibe I’m giving off, but they secretly respect. So run in your lane, my friends! take off and fly!