God Whipped Nola

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Maaaaan, something is up in my gut. That’s intuition. On Monday there were series of tornados touched down in New Orleans. That’s the sign of God acknowledging his presence approximately 75 miles away from I live. At that time I thought of something about the stunna man, the musical mogul of the music entertainment and applied it on facebook without any conscious thought about what could happen. Then tornados happened the day after I thought of a stunnaman.

Behold, a whirlwind of the lord has gone forth in fury, even a greiveous whirlwind: it shall fall upon the head of the wicked.– Jeremiah 23:19

It tells me New Orleans is known as a wicked place of countless natural disasters. This place seem can’t catch a break from whipping! It’s a coincidence when I watched Adulterers on Netflix as this movie was filmed in New Orleans. So apparently it could be a hot spot for adulteries that is taking place along with voodoo and sodomy. Call this post delusional. This is what I’m seeing as if the Almighty is trying to tell something. I can catch all that! If I ain’t connect the dots, whatcha call dat!

Adulterous generation

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Let me tell you something really real. I think something is trying to show me and make me understand the blue prints of an Almighty God! Today on January 29th prior to Valentine. I took a time to Netflix and chill all by my lonesome to my smarttv which is my girlfriend technically. I mean the tv. Don’t we hate to be single and just watch tv just for the fun of it to battle out the lonesome? Apparently too much knowledge is running through my mind as if being cautious to what actions to take that’s good for the soul. 

It is a good movie with great acting and twisted combos to understand what adultery is. Movie’s not real but adultery happens a lot to most people of young and old. It exists and represents the glory of an adulterous generation! It’s prevelant everywhere as we are rotten apples to the core. This whole movie help to understand for what it is and why adultery exist today as it is played out for entertainment. This movie will be my favorites to share along with Black Snake Moan as it represents passion. Now this movie show a crime of passion when a fellow man from New Orleans, I think, with an accent just like I have, caught a black man cheating on his wife. The man represented passion and know how to talk his way with women with his smoove Cajun accent. But he was cheated on! He was going to kill them. Somehow his anger ruled over him, killing them at the end. This movie was trying to rewind and show that he could have talk to them in prior to killing them and find the reasons of their cheating. He could have receive a lot of benefits of being the judge of their actions by playing it right, spiritually sound mind with anger.

Be angry and do not sin -Ephesians 4:26

It is funny how the mind works when the mate of your life that God has given you is blind. Somehow it was a failure that he killed them both instead of killing one of them. At the beginning of the movie, he was mindful with his mate as his mate called him through phone. They were talking sweet nothings about their anniversary as if he was going to do something awfully sweet. Then the plot twists when he came home to find his wife cheating on him as he came with the anniversary gifts. Then the movie would show what could have happened instead of killing them instantly for his mind to manifest the awful sweet fantasy between him and her! The manifestion was supposed to be the bad boy, forgiving the bad girl and living happily ever after in a good, sickly way. That’s a dangerous game but quick to anger ends the game!

The Grinning Joker

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It’s been a hellvua of past couple of weeks. Since I have limited resources to be grateful for a latter breakthrough. I never felt confident than ever before to see how the game is played among the peers. I do struggle with trust issues and the ability to deal with it. I’m a young, exceptional man with any means to brag. I mean what I say because it’s a positive affirmation to paint the picture of my own existence through experience. I’ve notice young men and old are currently struggling with their image or it could be the ability to bond with others to improve their status and standards. Standards is what “you” can build upon self but not living to others that seem to appear somewhat a weakling or undesirable. 

Nowadays it’s all about the appearance before engaging with someone to judge the personality of an appearance. I’ve noticed that when I was slim and happen to attract the game-players of relations of others. I started to workout with my mind along with the body as If I’m unbothered of emotions. I try my best to appear cold in meanwhile full of with fire of jealousy, using the vibe of sorrow to build with zealous pride to spread the contagious attitude among my peers that I’m not a punk to be dealt with but come with respect. As of now I am eating respect like in my favorite plate of lomien noodles, sesame chicken, egg rolls, cream cheese wontons and coconut shrimps to have them guessing. My poker face has them respect me even more as I pull the strings without doing nothing but stand with an unstrikeable pose as my shoulders lean and my head tilt to the side. I may be narcissistic as some may call it from a psychological field or standpoint. I’m no different than a sociopath or a psychopath. It’s the dire circumstances that make me stronger to be who I am to accept the harsh reality where I can’t control what others think but to be mad with sorrow masked in poker face of a grinning joker. Later I will have the final laugh since I am having fun with the emotion I’m currently experimenting of not making the move to justify anything. It’s their move as I build myself to be the standard of desire and the boundary dared to be crossed!

This is an EXTRAordinary example of placing faith in people! Tweaking the people skill in your arsenal of kindness can do great service by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes as if he or she was you! Know thyself and be who!

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Tapping of the Source 

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Here’s the thing that can and will work for the most including myself. There is knowledge where to tap that unlimitedness of infinite potential. Notice the ten in potential when it’s simply perfect. Knowing that perfection is in our being. We ask for strength to endure, strive, conquer, conflict and resolve. It all starts with you including myself. At first everything seems like a failure in every moment and amount to nothing with self loathing to depression. We don’t know how or even to understand we are the black sheeps in the society full of the proud and haughty spirits that adopt the traits of not caring of what happens to people of persons in suffering. Then they go on assuming for the best with selfish desires and vain luxuries of comfort! We sit and wade in self pity without confidence and don’t know the brighter side of the fence or the light of the tunnel you may say that is seemingly too long to reach. You see the homeless and the unfortunate by saying that’s what they deserve without offering assistance. Yet the burden seem overwhelming to be left alone. The darkness is undeniably unquenchable with its strongholds that wrap its chains in the chords of spirit. The fun, exciting part which is challenging is you, we and I can overcome, tapping the source of enegry within ourselves to make the walls of strongholds in spirit crumble. Then yet it will fear and wonder the brightness of its glory. How, you may say? The positive affirmations are to be used in the mind and then infect the goodness on the dark like syringe as it showily move itself away and knowing you, we and I are ready and equipped to embrace the glory, repetitive bells of freedom. The source sprays like water hose, shower like waterfalls and shine like sunrays ever so available and around about as we stand with the dark strongholds gripping ever so tightly. It dissolves when we repent, starting from the scratch in mind and applying positive affirmations like open sesame. 

Love can not die a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings. -Anaïs Nin

Say we don’t know! That is the problem. Love is there, the source which seem unattainable to reach and that is why we believe so hardly that we can tap the source. The more we can’t, the unbelievable it becomes. Impatience makes it well forgotten and it is just a star above our heads. It doesn’t happen overnight when you, we and I speak positive affirmations to existence, practically and gradually! 

What do you know about passion?

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So there’s passion in all kinds. It can be forbidden desire or can be creativity. It been a cliché nowadays and tiring to understand and hear so. Passion is what we can feel and offer to be alive. It’s something that we can take our minds off so we wouldn’t be hollow, mundane, dull or oh so boring. There are certain things and unaware people of persons that kill the vibe of passion and can be resurrected back into a new kind of passion. Have you noticed that angry people got it the worst? Which they are born this way. Temper tantrums like a child tell something about a man that has the hungry desire. It’s nothing wrong with that because there are quite few of us with that fire and spark waiting to be ignited. 

Mistaken, misunderstood and reduced for using swearing words so to respect. Maybe it could a hobby that didn’t land into a career but resort to unlikely conditions to be supressed of desire. That’s painful to be engulfed rather than be basking in the glow of abilities and talent. It doesn’t have be suppressed but channel the desire or the energy to something constructive rather than being a miserable old hack. Angry people are hungry! Better known as hangry! Pay attention and be aware for what  passion can benefit to shape the world with much efficiency and fast way as possible. Avoid the lazy and slothful as plague or awaken that BS. Heneceforth, passion can be also define crazy mess when it’s quacks like a duck to a bunch of geese when in reality they don’t really swim together but separately in the same pond. Passion should find its place where the crazy is acceptable and understood for creativity. Passion is the talk, the rant and the life in the tongue with actions. Or it could be all talk itself. Take Eddie Murphy himself for an example. He isn’t like any other comedians. The way he dressed for stand up was in sharp pointed boots with little bit tightness in clothing, oozing with sexiness and spurting out funny joke he say per second without uhhs to think of a joke. He personifies passion no matter how he sounds! Therefore passion kill fear without hesitation. Be fearless in passion no matter what, just do and tell what you love to hate, vice versa.

Black Snake Moan

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I turned on Netflix to watch a movie out of boredom and something came across my mind when this title of Black Snake Moan appeared on the front of the smart tv screen. Behold was the movie called Black Snake Moan, created in 2007. I have been wanting to watch it because of Samuel Jackson was known to be a bad MFing actor no different than Denzel Washington. I finally had the chance to. Along with the Shaft where he used to role in, Black Snake Moan has captured my interest with twisted props in the movie. I mean the setting was in the south where I live in, not to far from the culture where I’m aware of and usually participate in zydeco and blues. This movie shows just that because of the deep roots of my nature. I can be a bad MFer to the bone with gold shugs in the mouth, pimping and slanging foul accent. Also, Christina Ricci was fantastic, sizzling hot in the movie. I used to idolize Wednesday in Addams Family, a dark and serious personality that link close to mine. Just great combo of Samuel and Ricci in my favorites! Based on the movie reviews, I don’t see an immense success because there was racial tension that blacks are envied because of they are true originators of soul and likely to get white women, ya know. You can get the understanding of a black man in the like of Samuel Jackson known as Stagger Lee in the movie with gold shugs in the south isn’t seem bad as what blacks are portrayed to be, a-no-good-low-life-having-trouble-maker-civilians. Stagger Lee was a good civilian living quietly in the backwoods of his home after the break up of a long relationship with his black wife of his similar nature. The wife was bored of his ways and cheated on him. Somehow the relationship went wrong when someone of his family close to him stole and defiled who is precious to him. That’s when Ricci in the role of wandering harlot around town came cross coping with her sickness of sleeping around as her boyfriend was gone to the army. The only way she could be faithful with her sickness is to be with him into battling her harlot ways by bringing out her true feminine nature of nurturing her boyfriend, Ronnie, who has a severe anxiety problem. While the boyfriend was gone to the army, Ricci was busy being the harlot, got beaten badly in the face and left in the deep country road to be found by Stagger Lee and carried into his house.

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By his loneliness through the breakup, thought he would nurture her back to health just being a good civilian. That’s when he knew there was a devilish presence around her. It was so funny when he ran out the house with the bible in his hand then later tied her up in chains! The moral of this movie is you have to go through with your life no matter what life throws at you, good or bad. As you sense the bad, don’t just flee from it unless is not too big to bear. However, you do good to others and you will reap greater good after the battle. That’s what Stagger Lee did in the movie by coping and battling his way through with blues, the music of the soul by a trusty harmless weapon, a guitar. You could get the idea of BB king and Louis Armstrong reflected from him. Black snake all in my room sung in the scene show that there is sin prevalent in heart, you can’t just simply get rid of it but just to be friends to it or either tame it for a better outcome.


You could get tempted by sin and easily get astray by it. That’s not easy in the midst of the testing storm. You can either be perished by sin or live with self-perseverance and discipline under Gods umbrella. It’s the matter of deeds. That’s a reason for sin to exist. Nothing bad about sin unless you keep your distance and think you can deal with inner demons by acknowledging and feeling God’s presence in the midst of sin. I don’t look deeply into sin and condemn as bad. I see God’s blueprint of recruiting of saints as gold tried in the fire. Sin and temptation are God’s instrument of discipline and self-perseverance.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

What happens if Stagger Lee fell into Ricci charms of seduction to get him stumble in her harlot ways? He wouldn’t be rewarded a virtuous wife he was yearning for at the end of the movie, another sweet, caring black woman who work in the pharmacy. He prevailed through temptation and played his blues, black snake all in my room, while Rucci was locked upon his knee to battle the spiritual demon got hold upon them whose sole purpose to perish them. Talk about a victorious battle of blues and awe-inspiring realness!

Samuel L. Jackson – Black Snake Moan from sezer aslan on Vimeo.