Autumn is my season, dear. It is, after all, the season of the soul.

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-Virginia Woolf, from a letter to Violet Dickinson written c. July 1907

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Look at a tree, a plant. How still they are, how deeply rooted in being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.

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-Eckhart Tolle

The Womb of Spooky

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Halloween is near. Autumn is here.

Don’t fear


The energy

The negativity that entwines you.

Yin that entices you

with its cool breeze to embrace all that is

To make you,

Break you,

And trick you.

At the end

To treat you

The spirit of rebirth

out of the womb in the darkness

To be the better man every year, my dear.

Fast for a thought: Let the nature solve itself for it is intelligent. We be quick to cut. We be quick to act without stillness in trust with our own nature

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Be truth to thyself with nothing to earn your stripes. Know your spots.

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Back in the Horse’s Saddle

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Hello my fellow friends! I’m back! Did ya miss me? (Some character voice in Martin) I’ve haven’t expensed myself lately. This is my blog, careless to apologize for a long hiatus. I’ve made to 33 on the 2nd, on the Virgo month of September. Big Thanks to the omnipresent watching over me. I remember a guy taking about “you should pray” and I responded, “they better pray”. Because I’m not to be effed with because the strongest suffer without searching for a praise. Anyways some of y’all be saying in your mind, “what the eff this blog about?” Duh, it’s about self expression, and I’m tired to be an imitation of another person. I had to find myself. Here I am amazed that I have a blog to walk the walk with a little bounce to it. I promise to bring a content yet worthwhile entertainment and motivation. Pardon my grammar if you will. Just count your giggles and chuckles to down right laugher in tears. Did you know that tears come out when laughing is your subconscious mind hiding your inner child looking for humor consciously? Well, that’s my opinion. Happy blog reading and stay tuned. Don’t forget to press ‘I wanna Go’ for more expressive content. Cheers mate!