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As you get older with yourself together without worries in the world especially if you’re single, fine and alone in your lane, stupidity will be the topic of your social conversations that will give you a smooth confidence with unique perspective about what’s constantly going on in this world connecting your current life that becomes a bliss when it has nothing to do with you.

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This word of spirit is the food of the soul pertaining to what I’m currently going through. Gives you the spiritual insight to get an understanding in all levels. My son, Respect is the highest form of love when you in anger and wrathful to do something spiteful but seeing God’s chastisement on their behalf as you practice patience until they come to realize your light.

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Even the me is turned upside down

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“In this quiet moment I give myself permission to acknowledge my progress; to focus less on the distance I’ve still left to go, and more on the mighty distance I’ve come. Because your accomplishments matter as much as your ambitions.”

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-Beau Tallinn, Quiet Moment

“Be patient and tough. Someday this pain will be useful to you.”

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