Something about White

Man it’s something about the white. The pure innocence from being bad. Little you know that Jesus, the Son of God was a bad kid during childhood. So I’m thinking what’s so young and innocent can seem so bad and the young is just a virgin in their thoughts and attachment through development. As time goes by, you aren’t virgin anymore. You start smoking to the brink of self destruction along with unhealthy ways of eating and living. Then there come along a woman, so innocent as she seems walking in her role as a healer and nurturer to a man’s broken world. Not only the man but herself can be broken as well. A woman fulfill her obligation and duty to turn the tables to the smiles and happiness that were once prevalent in childhood. Don’t you think the childhood is dark and dandy? You go to sleep and the darkness consumes as it whisk you away and dream. It’s the dark and nothingness all around with no responsible to it. Apparently as I am writing this blog, dark could be innocent meanwhile white is incomprehensible, better known as bat-sh!t crazy in the open. Is it good or bad? You decide.

My parents have been happily married for 30 years which is the same age of mine. I was in the dark belly of the stomach, kicking to come out after winning the race to live. During growing up, I have witnessed a lot between them. I have noticed my dad was crying during the conversation with me, just Mano to Mano talk. So I’m just confused until I came across this picture with funny quote to justify my understanding of my parent’s relationship. I had the feeling that dad was just stuck and LOL-needs aren’t met everyday like he wanted or envision of. He was like, “Son, don’t you ever get….”. You get my drift. 

In my opinion, most marriage are holy and pure to made white in union by the state. There I said it because you have to have some kind of contract or license to acknowledge the state that they own this union and the state is obliged to deal with between unions and take everything they own. I don’t know too much about it but saying what I think and feel because marriage shouldn’t be bound by church and state. Once with the person, that’s automatically in spirit by marriage!

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