God Whipped Nola

Maaaaan, something is up in my gut. That’s intuition. On Monday there were series of tornados touched down in New Orleans. That’s the sign of God acknowledging his presence approximately 75 miles away from I live. At that time I thought of something about the stunna man, the musical mogul of the music entertainment and applied it on facebook without any conscious thought about what could happen. Then tornados happened the day after I thought of a stunnaman.

Behold, a whirlwind of the lord has gone forth in fury, even a greiveous whirlwind: it shall fall upon the head of the wicked.– Jeremiah 23:19

It tells me New Orleans is known as a wicked place of countless natural disasters. This place seem can’t catch a break from whipping! It’s a coincidence when I watched Adulterers on Netflix as this movie was filmed in New Orleans. So apparently it could be a hot spot for adulteries that is taking place along with voodoo and sodomy. Call this post delusional. This is what I’m seeing as if the Almighty is trying to tell something. I can catch all that! If I ain’t connect the dots, whatcha call dat!

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