What do you know about passion?

So there’s passion in all kinds. It can be forbidden desire or can be creativity. It been a cliché nowadays and tiring to understand and hear so. Passion is what we can feel and offer to be alive. It’s something that we can take our minds off so we wouldn’t be hollow, mundane, dull or oh so boring. There are certain things and unaware people of persons that kill the vibe of passion and can be resurrected back into a new kind of passion. Have you noticed that angry people got it the worst? Which they are born this way. Temper tantrums like a child tell something about a man that has the hungry desire. It’s nothing wrong with that because there are quite few of us with that fire and spark waiting to be ignited. 

Mistaken, misunderstood and reduced for using swearing words so to respect. Maybe it could a hobby that didn’t land into a career but resort to unlikely conditions to be supressed of desire. That’s painful to be engulfed rather than be basking in the glow of abilities and talent. It doesn’t have be suppressed but channel the desire or the energy to something constructive rather than being a miserable old hack. Angry people are hungry! Better known as hangry! Pay attention and be aware for what  passion can benefit to shape the world with much efficiency and fast way as possible. Avoid the lazy and slothful as plague or awaken that BS. Heneceforth, passion can be also define crazy mess when it’s quacks like a duck to a bunch of geese when in reality they don’t really swim together but separately in the same pond. Passion should find its place where the crazy is acceptable and understood for creativity. Passion is the talk, the rant and the life in the tongue with actions. Or it could be all talk itself. Take Eddie Murphy himself for an example. He isn’t like any other comedians. The way he dressed for stand up was in sharp pointed boots with little bit tightness in clothing, oozing with sexiness and spurting out funny joke he say per second without uhhs to think of a joke. He personifies passion no matter how he sounds! Therefore passion kill fear without hesitation. Be fearless in passion no matter what, just do and tell what you love to hate, vice versa.

7 Responses to “What do you know about passion?”

  1. severlywisecycle Says:

    Yeah its a passion, of ones standard of, speech. I am in some passion which I dont know.

  2. severlywisecycle Says:

    ya its indistinguished

  3. severlywisecycle Says:

    it could be anything making you do like intelligence

  4. Well that’s one!

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