A Gangster and A Gentleman

Something has caught my mind in keen perception about a character of a man. A man isn’t just a merely a man but the traits that come with it that meet the standards in the street. The street is full of walking and driving men from mom’s boys and working married to gangster-thug types and lone gentlemen. These stereotypes are what to be observed that can hold the lock and turn the key. The primary focus is the gangster and gentlemen, a pendulum swing of characteristics between them.

A gangster is full of tattoos hidden under the cloth, smoking and beyond foolish with actions for the purpose of acquiring something troublesome and hard to get that define their place and status in the society. They don’t care about what others think but to get high off just about anything appealing to flesh. On the other hand is a gentleman who has gone through various of humbling experiences. They are not foolish and seemingly troublesome as the gangsters are but wise to avoid the consequences of actions. They get high off of fine dining and champagne, escorting the chivalry of what gangsters have killed. They seem to know what they are doing as life calls upon them whether it may be work and homely issues. Their best asset is active listening and paying the generous attention with keen eye away from all the wrong, damaging reasons! A gangster is a gentleman and a gentleman is a gangster that define cool and yet mysterious to envied. It doesn’t matter who to trust. They are true leaders in respect of their craft that is genuine enough to capture the spark.



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