Turn Mistakes On

Mistakes are to be made. There I said it! It could be rewarding experience as you just do it. I, myself, have the flaw of being perfectionist in everyday matters whether it be attempting to join a competitive sport trial or working in various project with solutions. It could be anything. It’s easy to be slothful and second guess on your ablitiy to do something. It have to be something that links to your passion but the fire burns to keep you going for something new as the others behind or after you can make it better. Don’t be selfish when everything happens for a reason. When something happens and you’re afraid to tell or even be ashamed, understand that it’s part of life, experiencing these emotions when it’s a choice to face them and make it pleasuring experience afterwards. How about gaining mental pleasure when you’re actually attempting something and able to tell to your peers, children and grandkids the story of your life with special endings and humble beginnings? Or you could spend your life with nothing but mistakes untold as fire engulfs you? Mistakes are what define most of us through learning experience when you can aquire just a valuable knowledge within yourself and just for yourself for the sanity of mind. You could smile and be grateful of the experience as you are prepared to tell it. There are endless mistakes and errors to be made, and you notice how we have smartphones in hand, smart television from boxed frames and lighted, touchscreen smartwatches with application design from mechanical watches. It was made through mistakes! Even the best of both worlds yet have pros and flaws! Have you noticed ignorance and the presidency of Barack Obama affect the social and economic dynamics? Mistakes were made through regulation of policies from Bush administration and understanding of character that’s desirable enough for the next candidate to fulfill the role every four years. How about we have elected Donald Trump? We don’t know for sure from bigotry to slurs of past slavery that is indeed a changing experience.

Let’s say it’s for the greater good. We must’ve to think and feel this way as our moral code through mistakes.

Somehow we have placed ourselves in a situation that seem like the biggest mistake in our lives or in career decisions. Then it seems right. However, we can change it for the better shamelessly and boldly talk about our mistakes to squeeze the ooze of solutions out of the most chaotic experience and paste upon from the enlightenment of our passions that is only our right

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