The Messpool Thinker

There’s no white flag in me. I keep on going! Sometimes I wonder why there’s negativity always setting us back. There is negativity no matter how you get rid of it. When my mind is set up, there is no going back for what it does to you. We all looking for a breakthrough out of darkness when it comprehend not. I am the child of light spectrum through the darkness. Life is all black and white with left thinking weighting the right. The right side of the brain is more creative and imaginative but the left is more logical and analytical. What could more get out of left thinking is when it should be placed in the right conditions to function properly so to be beneficial in somewhere technical. As being idle and working under the wrong conditions can do a great disservice for the left and right thinking. Don’t we all are different if we notice our nature of right and left thinking? My nature is mainly on the left with little dose of the right with creative juices flowing. Somehow it doesn’t apply to my condition. We must understand that we are so different, and it takes a lot of work to be put in proper conditions to be well used. There are broken relationships and careers with faulty thinking won’t advance fast with the wrong people. When I say that, you can be perceived as crazy or intellectual for left thinking as they are unconscious about how different we are and then meanwhile others are could be, I’m just saying, perceived as aloof and wandering aimlessly in their own worlds of right thinking when you are really bright and imaginative. As I sign deeply about there are millions of people with potential wasting their life rotting in the corners of their walls because they are not being used properly which lead to frustration and you could see how their face and body develop to align in disappointment with false sense of happiness and smiling as a sign of strength. I cannot speak fully for everyone but there could be a luck or in some areas where you could go in and be used properly to get success that is essentially for survival and just live life. We are here to build and not wasting away. As my left thinking perceive everything while reading the scriptures of the Bible, I sometime could get the feeling that it’s the truth of God’s say-so to put down on something or could be a group of race that should be no longer advance civily and to subdue so the righteous should inherit. We cant tell for who to create hostility among others but it takes time to unfold itself. That’s how I place my faith and trust in truth. Meanwhile my creative juice is only what showing by writing and express feeling little by little. Moving more to the right thinking can be challenging and daunting purpose as I express creativity and thinking of what could be the best for me to be an useful beneficiary. I find it more fun to work with my left thinking to the fullest capability in spite of mental torment when I didn’t even apply properly based on how I was raised and who I am to get through. I was raised rurally poor and have become more of a sapiosexual than a creative artist. How could I be a creative artist when I could have the sounds to hear to make a symphony or a keen eye with the feel of creating an artful masterpiece by hand? I wasn’t paying no mind to those things as I am more to the physical side of things in the likes of any extracurricular activities. I like to move, claw, hit, pull or even climb and wrestle. Then somehow be labeled otherwise as a wild fool whether in the mind and saying of others. I keep on what I do best until placed in situations that don’t impair my happiness and situations that don’t immobilize my body to be idle minded, processing information overly to what could have been done or not do. The mind never stops thinking. Apparently that is natural. There are some of you enjoy solitude with entroverion but somehow conditions are what pull you back to square one just because you live in a rural area with limited opportunities that are unattainable. Then get judged by your appearance and your limited blessings as they will only judge how you look and what little you have. Just to laugh and have something to talk about to get through the day! Talk about selfish and spiteful minded paying attention to the wrong things! And that’s contagious to my left thinking and competive nature! There are many complex issues around if you get my drift of being the false observant victim in the wrong places. This is my only calling to be heard when blessings are unattainable that acquire a level of difficulty when it seem easy for some certain people whether it can be right thinking in touch with feelings to strike a chord of charm in others!

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