Journal entry 2

Well well I gotta say this is a so-so day. Sometime I have good and bad days. Sometime it outweighs each other. The way I am is not trying to fit in but seeing if I can coexist. 

I’m not a nice guy but I know what I’m capable of.

For the past few days I had a major toothache that is been effecting my work and thinking process with analyzing and observation. I’m tough can bear through any pain. I’m a grown man as I’m waiting for until Tuesday to get those SOBes pulled. Then I can fully enjoy my mental capabilities to greater extent. 

Now, I went to work and the circumstances was not so bad as I thought it would be. I hate going to meetings prior to work and having to understand what’s going on. As I was doing my job minding my own as much as I can because there were no need for me to analyze until one manager came to me before break with a paper of a name and phone number of a person and a place I usually shop, stating that I lost my credit card. How the hell the person know where I work ? I don’t tell my personal business of my whereabouts of where I live and work. I checked my wallet and everything was there which lead me to their suspicious behavior. They are all female managers and prying like I told before in my journal entry 1. As much and little I know about women, the mysterious approach and persona I give out bring the best of them when I sometimes lie and believe to meet the production goals. Whenever they want me to meet certain production goal, I nearly get to it and then leave before they talk to me about why I didn’t. Over there it’s ridiculous, crazy and unrealistic to make one work harder and faster to meet certain goal and objective. They don’t have any remorse as they are sadistic! Well, if their behavior persist on my behalf, the odds are in my favor as I smile internally.

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