Diary Journal Entry 1 

I don’t normally vent to my feelings to a bunch of people expect my family but sometime family aren’t that understanding and can hurt more than good. 

I usually think but it’s difficult to silence the mind while putting the effort just to live, thrive and survive. My weakness is venting feelings. From now on I have this blog to take time to express my feelings whether it be anger, frustration or any various emotion. It’s good to take time to self learn what is pushing back in order to progress. I think I know but I still have lot to learn….

No more Mr. Hollow Guy

Welcome to my ever first diary. Men have feelings but get all bottom up to the breaking point and burst on someone or anything in particular. It’s unclear and unfair to anyone that’s been trying to know as a friend or more than just a friend. I’ve been a thoughtful person but not more openly to express feelings which brings me today about what is currently happening to me at this time of the month and year. I’ve been transitioning well to the job from working in a retail environment to a warehouse where is physically demanding in addition of others around that are getting through the day to know each other just as normal. I’ve always been cool under pressure with little bit of anxiety that brought me to speak on fear in my blog. I’ve been through a lot lately which I will tell later about who I really am. Today at work I’ve started to notice strange behaviors of the top management just simply doing their job which bothers me little bit in the mind as I analyze situations. I usually perform best technically when I’m heard as I tell what will improve whatever the objective is. I am that assertive. Somehow it’s not being met, and I analyze what’s wrong while I’m doing my job. It’s like the mind and effort are working together and taking the toll out me. I cannot do that all at once anymore. The mind shouldnt be thinking ahead while putting the effort. Don’t get me wrong when I put that Steve Jobs quote to show I’m all perfect. Nobody’s perfect. This focus on the managers prying me out just because the way I carry myself among with others as I’m minding my business to keep them guessing. Stay tuned as I practice on expressing my feelings more than my mind to get around successfully.

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