The Magical of Profanity 

Don’t we all like to swear a lot to ourselves and in front of anyone? I was raised in the household where I could often hear swear words that would infect my life. I was taught that it was disrespectful which leads me to tell you it’s something about the swear words we use. They are all over the place in the world used by young and old as we know. Then get scolded for using them to repress ourselves. This results to the rise of betas. Whoever invented swear words have made it sound naturally to express confidence and the fighting spirit toward any circumstances. It has an attraction and chemistry feel to it. Steve Jobs, a once known billionaire for inventing apple products and computers that we use to today, is known for using swear words often in the workplace to get through the day.

I’m saying the swear words we use may have a magical effect and are the keywords to the door of success.

I’m not saying you should use them all the time and everyday. It should be used only when, where and how to express that fighting spirit to get your way through. I, myself, often use swear words mentally under breath to get through the day and actually help to relieve stress whether it be a hobby of sport or working something important with a sense of urgency. It’s something that will never go away in the likes of any word that is degrading with history behind it. Do you want places to be nice and less challenging without any excitement? Well we can embrace swear words less as possible to deal with sensitivity of others. It may work to help one another to cure oneself and be a better, alpha person just to move forward, mature and adapt that all swear words are just words even if it to get us! Be cool now! It’s only when, where and how to use it for certain situations away from a place of respect!

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