Lavender Clouds II

“I am that every stroke of cracks on the glass. Waiting to break apart and scatter all over the place with my sharp edges. On nights like this, 
I will tell you to run.”-xehnx

That’s right says the Virgo Amethyst! Tell others to run because as all we are broken creatures no matter how small or big the damage is, we are gold filled in the cracks, beautifully and tragically made back together to fight back and walk among the savages once again and again!

“Please do not mistake sensitivity for weakness.” Anaïs Nin, In Favor of the Sensitive Man

Don’t we hate to be taken advantaged of? Somebody’s going to learn today! Because of how much tolerance we could take could be the sign of strength to endure!

“‘Broken people are rough around the edges. They are beautiful in the way that means something. Like the sun. It lights up the entire earth, but it’s burning inside.’
‘If I’m burning inside then you can’t touch me. I’ll hurt you.’

‘Think of me as a star. I burn bright too. And we can both be lights, burning, next to each other.’” Gracey Adeline

Be angry but don’t sin as the fire of our passion still remain to purify, we sting!

“I am that clumsy human, always loving, loving, loving. And loving. And never leaving.” -Frida Kahlo, The Diary Of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait 

We fall in and out to the ones that truly care and embrace vulnerability. Truth always hurt but don’t comfort with lies to sugarcoat. We need to be known then as we at times unable to see what’s been seen through within!

“By running away from the world no one can get peace. Anywhere you go the problems will go with you, because the problems are inside you and not outside. Outside is simply a projection of inside.” Baba Hari Dass

It’s really easy to take the blame game! But we are simply reflection of the problem, ignorant to the golden rule as we often get in return!

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