Crystals, Oh my!

Brought me crystals and and a pouch from the Gypsy Market. This tell you I’m a such a earthy creature with knowledge of groundly crystals that assist path to enlightenment. It’s not terrifying really when you deveop the awareness of what these can do for your mind and spirit in so mystical ways. I cannot tell you how it works. These precious stones of groundly wealth that match bar to none when ignorance is onto the wrong things, placing in dire, unhealthy situations. I’ll be the one that’s smiling because it’s good as what it gets!

And they shall wander from sea to sea, from north and even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.” -Amos 8:12


There are ways to mediate along with crystals as I can show you how it works wonderfully. You place each one of them around you in a circular fashion. Sit, observe and gradually close eyes to nothing but the darkness as you speak mindfully and well wishing. It’s a great thing when no one can tell you how it works but you. Also when done with the crystals, put them in a sack as you go everywhere and knowing you had these crystals either for protecting, attracting or acquiring forture. To clean crystals, may you place these either around to a flower, tree or any herbs you growing to ingest. It’s none of my business when it does amplify oh so strongly as you elevate! May it be healing, some super power to dream a good dream or keep others guessing. Namasté and Happy Manifestion!

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