True Meaning of Knowledge 

Knowledge is just not what you know and then spead a message. It is not that you’re Mr. and Mrs. Know It All as you sponge up the information and then say you’re smart. Or others say that you’re smart. When I was growing up, I didn’t have the interest in acing school with high grades. My interest was get out of the building and engage properly. I always felt that I was trapped and suppressed. Then go by my way to get education just because that’s the way it is. I was forced to follow that value. Somehow I noticed that all people are unique to each and every one their own. Some belong to the class of highly intelligent meanwhile some fall into the category of highly emotional. I can say it can be many things than just be highly intelligent or emotional. It could be both or different than just be highly intelligent or emotional. Those who fall in the intelligent are natural sponge and can be easily brainwashed to be used for the purposes to build and do anything with the society like a lawyer, surgeon or in some sort of best desired position that is needed. Emotional ones know and can work with one’s feeling, becoming social and psych workers. Anyway, It is amazing of what astrology can explain for certain people. I myself is a Virgo, highly observant and an analyzer of things, with a moon sign of a Leo, a rebellious leader of prides. They always tell me I’m smart when I don’t really believe in the misconception of being smart. I just do my thing and get out of that god forshaken building. Maybe it could be intuition or instinctual in my part. Then I engage myself in thirst of observing everything in my path.

What is wrong could be the building where we get knowledge under and from interfere and block nature.

Not exposing to the sunlight to soothe the senses to receive knowledge. Not placing our soles to lay the ground enough to enjoy knowledge. Now you see college students acting fully, vibrant adults, laying on the grass and leaning on trees to receive knowledge from professors. You see what I mean? It should be like that for all ages of education in transition to college. We would be more fully functional, cohesive unit under a greenhouse. Knowledge is not something you know! It is the person, a tree of knowledge that brings it all around and about. Otherwise focusing on others information and knowledge by blindly following it is idoitic. Don’t know how to intelligently debate it out to automatically become the trees of solution instead of the problem. It is disorderly and chaotic from there. Get my drift?

7 Responses to “True Meaning of Knowledge ”

  1. severlywisecycle Says:

    The appetite of knowledge never ends. right is to have from people of intelligence. you are right. Thanks.

    • Your welcome! It’s never ending quest to learn from people no matter how they are. We all just helping to believe in each other when difficulty is worth it!

  2. severlywisecycle Says:

    its not killing them for having there intelligence does it

  3. severlywisecycle Says:

    dont worry 🙂

  4. Everything has it way to solve itself! It’s nothing I can do about it but go around it as I know god’s presence and say so!

  5. severlywisecycle Says:

    yea beat the devil

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