Smartphones of Ignorance 

Man, as we are approaching to the age of ignorance in information technology where we become too fixated on smartphones in hand. We have lost the old fashion way of getting together outside just to play basketball, baseball and any sort of activities. Have you noticed the movie, The Sandlot?  Those were the glory days that relate to old fashion values. Nowadays it’s smartphones that isolate us in shelter with games and social media ignorance, losing the real closure.

A nightmare of this generation with incoming generation will herald the age of laziness.

Responsibilities would be lost with the old fashion closure. Inquiring minds along with the incoming generation would be ill. Think about it. We know that the nature is nurturing with its properties of sunlight, and the ground we could roll over and run in happiness, meeting, talking and holding hands unconsciously. We don’t know how ill we could become while the electrical properties of smartphones interfere the brain and internal body cells. So it’s a major con out of the pros when we can’t even hold hands anymore! Look eye to eye experiencing various emotions and expressions instead of emoticons!

This leads to remind the responsibilities that are necessary to preserve old fashion values as we are tolerate with smartphones. Should we notice that we are smart enough to handle and navigate around in information technology such as smartphones. We should be able to handle responsibilities first prior to using a smartphone. The incoming generation are there to assist us as we age, and there to learn the essential way of living in honor and respect without there to pressure or put burden. However we can change to teach and remind about responsibilities along with the tolerance of smartphones to receive proper care as we age.

A nice, clean house makes a happy home to have guests, family and friends over.

They will know we respect ourselves as well we respect them. It shows character. Otherwise, the stink, musky and disoriented array of personal items all over will define character yet to be displayed in social media ignorance.

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