Mass Ignorance of Information Technology 

Talk about common decency in the ignorance of mass destruction. When nothing left going on for the quite few millions of people, and there are certain percentage got it going on. I mean that they are living their life in spite of their circumstances they created or in some background where it’s hard to prosper out from. The mind can be tricky place as you create what the universe can give you. Since the rise of social media, we use it to the fullest to reach out near and far, but there are pros and cons to it. You get mass ignorance processing information that aren’t useful to some which leads to spiteful information and add more to the negative part of your life.

Ones that speak facts brings life to your heart but somehow you aren’t sure if facts may relate to your life. The famous Bruce lee once said you can add all the information that is useful and disregard what’s not.

Some of you have to be a kung fu warrior in some sense.

What you gonna do? Disgread of what’s not. Empty the cup for new fresh coffee. Plain and simple. 

Social media was created for networking purposes to reach positive minded folks that got it going on but now it’s starting to become a fad as this age of information become the age of ignorance, chaos, misunderstanding and confusion for those who are right and meant to make a difference. 

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