Man it’s good to be yourself! This afternoon after taking couple of naps. I really sleep a lot as I’m really content most of the time. I went workout right after to reminisce the athlete I once was in the world of track & field, a strenuous sport ever known. It’s mental as well as physical. That why I love so much even though I skip a day or a routine that we, athletes, are led to believe we have to be consistent throughout days and weeks. Well, I’d like to believe it won’t work for me as I know more about myself than coaches claim to be. Coaches have all kinds of methods and style to help the serious and not-so-serious althetes to superstardom. My personality is so prideful when I can’t just kiss to follow orders for the most, but to self coach and do what I like do. I’m proud to grace myself in the world of track & field just to be healthy and be sound of mind & body. Which brings me today to show you the life of a hard gainer, the speedster of the fast lane. I come 6’0 tall and weigh 170lbs.

Never mind the hair though. I’d like to say I’m built for speed which my body is unable to gain weight all the years with the doubts of needing a personal trainer along with a nutritionist. Nay, I’m satisfied with the way I look as my personality doesn’t work well with others that know the best in fitness or sports. It takes a strong person to clash with me. However, during to my younger days in and out of college which I call the glory days of speed, I learned so much about fasting and incorporating with the workout routine of my choosing just to stay fast and healthy for one day I may run as unattached athlete to display pure speed to shatter time barriers that the greats have upheld in the record books.

Tart cherry and grape juice is the secret of longevity from physical wear and tear. I have noticed it has a big difference on the bones and muscles keep it loose. Should I say flexible and bring youth back to the knees. Tart cherry “oil and grease” within the joints  when you find the symptoms of limping while you feel the balls of feet is grinding on the cement as you walk.  Take Tinman for an example.

Grape juice is a calming juice, good for the heart and vessels. Make you want to appreciate yourself more in the spite of the daily struggles. As you age like wine, you should take heed to my advice as you fast your way back to health! Listen to your body as you find balance among the guilty pleasures! 

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