Misconceptions of Self Worth

You see it’s contagious when someone speaks highly of oneself in the spotlight of peers. That makes my skin crawl when nowadays faunt with tattoos and blond weaves of their oppressors. Watch me whip and nae nae. Get in formation. Who the oppressors you might ask? The ones that take taxes of our hard yet earned Almighty Dollar! Yet we strive for that American dream which seem to be fad for some with low intelligence or in unlikely background to prosper out from. Surely few made it backwards and let their possessions define for what we take for granted. There are young and old calling themselves kings and queens when they aren’t in the position to lead and rule among the society. Let alone Queen Elizabeth be for there is one queen on earth! 

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths-Isaiah 3:12

Misconceptions of self worth has led many to astray as I blow a cigarette from time to time just to know. Meanwhile somewhere in the pits of the concrete jungle, there are low self esteemed folks go all day long with that they are gorgeous and striking in appearance to mask their ugly insecurities of whether it could be the nose too wide or body is thin unable to measure up with those blessed with features. Blessed is the word used loosely among the ignorants with fulfilled narcissistic supply. Then mistaken one for speaking up on anything or someone in particular for being narcissistic and envious just to protect their supply of what they currently have while others without it are left with nothing. Just nothing to attain. Nothingness is a real place to resort and observe the misconceptions we have today. It’s a mental thing! And we are being stuck to it unawarely as a sheeple. When I say that, we must break this mold of misconceptions of self worth and run in the path of your own light. Knowing that you are worthy regardless of what’s being called, comparing to what they have to your own. Knowing you deserve a pillar of rest based on your own effort and wisdom. Taking care of thine self to be true and authentic. From this day, no man has called themselves a Runna for I am the swift to analyze on this lane to tell my truth when the society is conditioned to lie.

“To know love we have to tell the truth to ourselves and to others. Creating a false self to mask fears and insecurities has become so common that many of us forget who we are and what we feel underneath the pretense. Breaking through this denial is always the first step in uncovering our longing to be honest and clear. Lies and secrets burden us and cause stress. When an individual has always lied, he has no awareness that truth telling can take away this heavy burden. To know this he must let the lies go. […] To be loving we willingly hear each other’s truth and, most important, we affirm the value of truth telling. Lies may make people feel better, but they do not help them to know love.”-bell hooks, all about love: new visions

Based on misconceptions of superiority being spurting out among ignorants and heathens in the form of emotional and psychological competition. We are nothing more or less than humans, and it all begins with the tree of the mind, corrupt or not!

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