We live in the world when there is October celebrating the tradition of fear. The fall is here, and horror lies await within us as we prank and spook others by sight and ear. Is that the coincidence when there’s a creepy clown craze just to burst your bubble and prepping your guns to be hidden if dared to be spooked? Pop. Pop. Pop. We don’t know what the intent is because these clowns behind the mask represent for what is sinister to come. Totally they are serious about appearing on speedy highways causing others to honk and U-turn. It’s alright after the brutality of police departments. A circus of black, white, young and old unite in a movement as the ring leaders of darkness orchestrate to spill more blood and tears, and facilitate screams, a great morbid agenda no matter how we fight for justice. We want Justice!! We want Justice!! Nay, this is what keep this tradition alive as we are the distant spectators of fear. The wicked at the high places know their time is short as they arise with their sorceries behind closed doors. Chanting in pig latin under idols in the woods rather than a true God. Plotting and planning from round tables to bonfire. Perfoming exorcisms and rituals to feed upon fear as the darkness play its role to side with the Vatican. This is the favorite month of all when twisted fantasies arise amok and close to true. 

I’m not saying I’m holy and I don’t sin as much. I don’t judge individually because we all sin different, and the Lord sees and delights all as I confess my sin with facts.

We pretty much are sinners, each and every one of you even when the Lord who was crucified said he was sinner himself. Don’t we love the darkness after all as we keep our distance when it gets extreme, exciting and creative? 

In the woods at night where dense fogs on the ground signify the haven of baad he and she goats ready to pounce the nearbys. Even though we pounce back to embrace the Oktoberfest of late in costumes and the likness of horror and tales. We put on our red shoes and lay upon the fall leaves as the sun sets after work or school. Then go watch horror flick until our feet kick with impulse, and a bowl of popcorn spatter all over the floor. 

We secretly want and yet love in vacant houses, and walk by the graveyard just to talk about the oujia board. How hypocritical are we? Every seasons are meant for something and have its own thing, but the Fall of Oktober is one thing when I laugh at the face of fear as we are ultimate judges for all the wrong things!

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