Genetics versus Substance

The world is chaotic because things are used more than you. Take a look among the society as we take for granted. Cars, clothes, finer eating and expensive vacations compensate the void that lead to wanting it all. I don’t want to hear that we grown, but we are immature just like a toddler put hands on and point everything that gets to the senses. Then we realize it all come with the Almighty Dollar to be imprisoned by it. There are certain individuals come with genetics that determine materialistic status whether it be intellence to get through or physical appearance with little exercise to get big and rip fast than those who take long.

Genetics is big part in natural selection which may be the problem.

Say you want substance. I have an idea that may or may not work if you just lay there and act a beggard with hidden monetary status in the bank. When that person finds you hurting, thinking you have lack of self care and no support to get on your feet. Then you can actually punk’d that person later as you go about your way as this person being used for substance just to keep.

Life is merely a game I must say when is rare to find a person with substance to turn the world back in order, and natural selection would be primarily on substance instead of genetics.

Nowadays we are too ignorant to find substance and not putting bruised egos to the side. We all have bruised egos orgingated from childhood whether it be that we aren’t look good or athletic gifted to be chosen to display oneself in the spotlight. Everyone wants to WOW’ed and AW’ed by their peers and fans who adored them. Once it all unfold with your god given genetics, the head is too small to harmonize the world but yet they laugh in conceit or torment one another without remorse to build self up. Genetics may be your power but yet its being used up and abused to self destruction. How possibly if that one individual feel that they haven’t done any wickedness? They are unaware that they have! We shouldn’t go along with wicked program of having tattoos and wear appealing fashion that respresent the lust of flesh. When I say that, it is because we have children repeating this endless cycle until God say “That’s enough. Time for cleansing! I shall not be disrespected and run in the wrath of my anger!”. We should be spiritually as a whole in sound mind and body. What if there are more to high level of spiritual living than low level of living? We aren’t as high classed civilization like we used to be when the ancients from eons of time abused with something or themselves in any way how? Well, I believe there are more to high spiritualism that will come if we change. But the question is how? We have participated and learned spiritual practice that don’t seem to work, but yet others are being abused in some degree. The counts are still high and the wicked in high places are still driving the world to perdition. Adversting the things we take for granted as they know the weakness of our hearts and desires. Only God have the final say so if he want us in his kingdom that you cannot even imagine and think of. Only few will be chosen to enjoy the gifts without abusing genetics and restore the balance in the world if the dark gets more egotistically creative. Be happy what you have. It’s Gods playground, do you shall wilt that is the order of the law and take side as your hearts be merry and watch what you do!

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