In the Pursuit of Excellence

In the pursuit of excellence you may say in the abstract form of happiness. Could be a special person whom you are genuine with among other connections or a special job advancement. But there is this emotional thing when you are totally back pedaling. You are a rock in a cold place resorting to square one as this thing we call 

Just to check your alignment. Being idle minded. Resorting to manual labor that doesn’t stimulate your intellect. Days get boring by wear and tear, and happen to be in undesired conditions among the likeness of bum, spiteful individuals, but you know better not to to mess around when you are close to the edge with someone who thinks can eff over you.   

This is the subject of fear because it is something that we all share and bring it to light as we are watchful of the circumstances. It doesn’t have to be terrifiying but could be minimum fear which can be another word for anxiety or ODD, mentally sick kind of fear that becomes your arsenal. Just run with me here.

I’m saying that only way is through.

Gesturing with my arm and index finger pointing straight, winners keep going no matter what because the best situations arise from unlikely situations. This calls for getting experienced much as you can for someone or some place else when you know what to say or do in order to advance.

Fear is courage to continue that counts. You must continue. It doesn’t matter what these choices are in acronym. It’s actually right. The first choice is just to chill down the mind a little bit as you block everything while achieving a goal, and then alternately be boss about your business! That’s all it takes. It all depends on situations as you adapt. Be a lion in a dynamic environment whether it be in a work suit or in an athletic apparel.

“Perfectionism is very addictive because it is very seductive. It’s so great to think ‘There’s a way I can do things where I can never be held in judgment by other people, that I can totally escape criticism.’ But it doesn’t work.” -Brené Brown 

Hell with they think! I got a quite story of my own. You see the picture below is worth thousands of words. I’m like this at work environment with the likeness of ignorants.

I’m out there putting in work and making noise when they are watching and learning my approach to enlightenment. They are mostly in groups with their slick talk and backsliding my downfall. Yet they laugh and wonder all day long of my mystical appeal. I’m like this….

In spite of low level people and conditions, that’s how you become the predator of the prey in the pursuit of excellence by letting them second guess as you carry on!

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